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Quotes Of Faith And Inspiration is an extension of Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration; is medium in size, but it's a very powerful book, full of positive / uplifting affirmations. It promises to change your life for the better and will not let you down.
We all know that a single quote can change your life, but this whole book is devoted to building your faith, inspiring you daily and moving you towards a brighter life.

You should expect your heart, mind and soul to be spoken to, because these are the quotes to live by, these are the quotes to share, these are the quotes that you can read and smile from ear to ear. Their quotes of faith and inspiration, and this book is dedicated to you.

Comes with a scripture card and themed bookmark.

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5.06" x 7.81" (12.852 x 19.837cm)
Format: Black and White on White paper
Pages: 96
ISBN-13: 978-1546594994 / ISBN-10: 154659499X
Category/ Genre: Mind, Body & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth
Also available worldwide on AMAZON and the KINDLE app
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