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Ounce Of Faith And Inspiration - Black And White Edition is a book that will change your life for the better, multiply your faith and be a great source of inspiration for years after you initially read it. It promises to help you get through the challenges you face, stop you from going insane, and move you towards your ultimate goal of achieving great success in life.

You should expect your heart, mind and soul to be ministered to page after page. You should also expect to be inspired by every word and encouraged by every sketch, because they will elevate your life to new levels.

This book is dowsed in positivity and boldness, is filled with reassuring scripture and heart felt illustrations that will leave you in awe of their depth and beauty.

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More Details
5.06" x 7.81" (12.852 x 19.837 cm)
Format: Black and white on White paper
Pages: 170
ISBN-13: 978-1722737115 / ISBN-10: 1722737115
Category/ Genre: Mind, Body & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth
Will be available worldwide on AMAZON.COM on August 17th 2018
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